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Well were do I start with this lovely little fish. It has loads
Of character when watching, snuffling about in the sand
On the bottom of the aquarium. I have found that breeding this
Little fish is not hard if as long as you follow a few easy
And simple rules, one the water has to be really clean
And I have found at a PH of a round 6.8 to 7.0. They do
Like the odd plant and floating plant I have found as well
I have found that regular cold water changes are the key to
Getting them to spawn . Normally about two to three days
After a cold 30% water change mine are usually placing eggs
On the glass of the aquarium and the plants that are in the aquarium.
I find I have better success with spawning corydoras when they are in
Larger groups like six to ten anything above two or three. To condition
Corydoras for spawning I find blood worm works well and so does
A good quality pellet food, I like to use JMC sinking catfish pellets
All in all if you have good water with regular cold water changes
And good quality food both dry live and frozen you will have
Success in spawning this lovely little fish. If you have any questions
I will try and answer them if I can. My partner is going to do a piece
On keeping Corydoras fry.

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